Free Education


In 1985 MTN started with one small school, which housed 17 children. Since that humble beginning, the number of schools Paparao has built, all with donated funds, has grown. Hundreds children who come from the poorest of the poor are now receiving quality education. This life-giving education is free to each student. In addition to building these schools, MTN must pay scores of well-trained and qualified teachers who teach a variety of subjects, including English. If these “free” schools were not provided, the vast majority of these disadvantaged children would receive no education at all, thus extending the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. Fifty-nine million Indian children between the ages of 6 to 14 do not attend school and thus receive no education.


Statistics reveal that India is home to 13 million child laborers and at least 18 million street children. MTN has a stated goal of establishing 100 schools, which will educate at least 25,000 children. Let no child be “left behind” by giving to this most worthy mision.

Sponsor a teacher for $3500 per year.
Sponsor a child for only $600 per year.